sábado, 30 de julio de 2011


Honduras has passed legislation paving the road to the establishment of charted cities.
A charter city is a new type of special reform zone. It extends the concept of a special economic zone by increasing its size and expanding the scope of its reforms. It must be large enough to accommodate a city with millions of workers and residents. Its reforms must extend to all the rules needed to support exchange in a modern market economy and structure interactions in a well-run city.
The concept allows for cross-national government partnerships that facilitate the transfer of working systems of rules to greenfield locations. By adhering strictly to two key principles — that the new rules apply only to people who choose to live under them and that they apply equally to all residents — rules can be copied from elsewhere and still achieve a high degree of local legitimacy.
ROATANLAWYERS shall be at the cutting edge of this new investment opportunity in order to provide reliable and efficient legal services and representation.
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