sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012


Individuals, directly or through their trusts or any other investment vehicle, can opt to own a property in  Roatan, Utila, Guanaja or the Hog Keys,  by owning a fraction of the issued shares of the corporation holding title.

  • Family members can do it
  • Friends and partners can do it
  • Joint venture participants can do it
  • Like minded team members can do it
  • Diversified investors can do it

Shareholdings are reflected in time in terms of use and costs.  For a fraction of the price you own 100% of your allotted time

Shareholders are protected by a multi-nationally valid shareholders agreement
When applicable, shareholders incur in a fraction of HOA and other assessed fees based on the  % as their holdings.

Taxes and maintenance cost is split among the shareholders. This is not time share this is ownership.

call or email me if you want to explore this with more detail.